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Model Homes | Mary Shipley Interiors - Columbus, OH

Mary Shipley Interiors does not cater only to the private homeowner, but also to commercial residences and developments. For example, one of the greatest and quickest ways to sell a home in a burgeoning neighborhood development is to stage an immaculate and inviting model home that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. The design and decoration of model homes can be the hinge point of a home’s sale.

If you are looking for assistance with the decoration and staging of model homes, Mary Shipley Interiors offers a number of strategies that foster both beauty and profit. Our model homes services include, but are not limited to:

• Color scheme and strategic paint planning
• Organization and de-cluttering
• Furniture selection and arranging
• Identifying and fixing needed repairs
• Functionality planning and arranging

We also provide interior design and decorating for commercial business as well. We will analyze your customer service and business goals, budget, current furnishings and finishings, and building codes and then implement a design plan, approved by you, and see it through to completion. If you’re unsure of the kinds of areas we can plan for you, some examples are:

• Lobby areas
• Waiting rooms
• Foyers
• Offices
• Lounge areas
• Dining areas

As with all businesses, we understand that the adherence to budget parameters are of strict importance. Whether we are planning model homes or a doctor’s office, our goal is to help you save money on a thing that will hopefully make you more. It doesn’t matter if you need a total redesign or you just need us to maximize a room’s feng shui, we’re up for the job.

So if you’ve got model homes or a commercial residence in need of interior design and decorating and you live in or around Columbus, OH, call or email Mary Shipley Interiors to discuss our services!